About the Founder

Andrea McCoy-Carty is the founder of The Delaware Foster Care Transitional Center, Inc.

Currently she is the Chief Operating Officer. She recognizes a need for her vision to sustain by collaborating with other agencies, health care professionals and non- profit agencies throughout the USA.

Incorporated in Delaware in 2007, her organization targets young adults that are 18 years old and in the process of “aging out” of foster care or those that have “aged out” of care. This is why the organization is properly named The Delaware Foster Care Transitional Center, Inc.

Andrea McCoy-Carty was a recipient of the Wilmington Awards from the City of Wilmington for her work with Youth. She also has received awards for her work with youth in foster care from Northeast Treatment (Net) and The Division of Family Services, State of Delaware.

Andrea’s good nature personality, allows her to be passionate in what she feels could be better in our society today for young adults that have “aged out” of foster care. Her experience with foster care allows her first hand perspective to shine through in helping others with the difficult transition to adulthood.

Her strong need to secure a good education has been a paramount in her life and stressed to her own children, and all of the foster youth that lived in her home over the past thirty years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

Andrea worked as a mental health associate for a leading community behavioral support program. Although her awards are slim, it’s her passion, hands on perspective and her solid experience and educational background that puts her in line to help a lot of young adults.