Life Skills Practicum Management Services

The Life Skills Practicum Management Services provides a comprehensive “holistic approach” to our Continuum of Care services and programs to emancipated youth, youth still in the foster care system and their respective families.  Services are designed to increase stability and provide assistance with regard to housing, employment, legal issues, accessing community resources, education and health issues.
Services may include assistance in locating housing, budgeting, meal preparation, shopping, personal appearance, counseling and related social support services.  The goal of all services is to meet the youth’s needs and improve the youth’s ability to conduct such tasks independently. Services are provided for up to six months. Clients are able to utilize the DFCTRC for up to 24 months after discharge from the program.  On a bi-weekly basis clients are monitored for the first 90 days after completion of program.


Life Skills Practicum Management Services

Services included in the Life Skills Practicum Management
Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment (ACLSA)
This tool assesses all new clients and caregivers as well as referring agency case managers/social workers. The Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment (ACLSA) is a scored evaluation of youth independent living skills. The ACLSA was designed to be free from gender, ethnic and cultural biases and is appropriate for all youths regardless of living circumstances, whether with parent(s), in foster care, in group homes or other places.

The ACLSA does not collect personal identification information and the results are kept anonymous. The scores contribute to the development of an Independent Living Plan. The Life Skill Areas assessed by this tool include career planning, communication, daily living, home life, housing and money management, self care, social relationships, work life and study skills.


Individualized Independent Living Service Plan (ISP)

DFCTRC staff will collaborate with the youth and/or referring agency, in the creation of an Individualized Independent Living Plan. The Plan will be based on the client’s individual needs that specify objectives for each foster youth. The services provided include those specified in this section. It also identifies the resources responsible for implementation of each part of the plan, which is reviewed monthly with program participants.

The following services, or adequate access to referrals, are made available to the targeted youth participating in the Life Skills Practicum Management Program: counseling services for the youth and their families to minimize the problems contributing to homelessness or otherwise impeding the transition to independent living; educational, vocational or employment services, health care and transportation services including assisting the client to obtain a driver’s license.