Program Curriculum

Innovative programming is essential to DFCTRC’s ability to meet the needs of youth. The goal is to provide as much support and guidance to youth while integrating them into the challenges of independent living.

Our staff’s expertise and teamwork provide the quality care and treatment necessary to bring together the people and resources needed. Six programs constitute the framework for the services offered – to connect youth to education, employment, health care, housing, and supportive personal and community relationships.

Education Counseling

While some youth may choose to attend college or a vocational program, other paths are available. In some cases, school may not be their choice. Youth are given the resources to explore other ways of furthering their studies based upon goals they choose for themselves.

Job Search Assistance

At the DFCTRC youth learn how to:

Write a Resume
Complete job applications
Prepare for interviews
Acquire skills of leadership, responsibility and self-confidence
Acquire work ethics needed to retain employment and compete in the workplace

Budget Planning

Money management training begins with basic skills such as:

Opening a checking and savings account
Minimum balance requirements
ATM services
Overdraft fees and protection
Credit and debit cards
Understanding a credit report and credit score

Youth at the DFCTRC are taught how to manage money in the areas of budgeting, goal setting, and saving, through hands-on, interactive exercises and use of a workbook and personal financial portfolio.

Stay Healthy Training

Once leaving the foster care system youth are responsible for maintaining their own medical care. In some cases they may be eligible for Medicaid or Social Security Disability. Options are explored so that youth can make decisions according to their eligibility. A primary health care provider is chosen. Youth learn about the importance of eating healthily and exercising regularly.

Well Baby Care

Raising children requires a diverse number of skills, both internal and external. These are skill sets they must learn and develop through parenting programs and groups for parents, and one-to-one services for young parents facing challenges in their lives.

Programs offered at the DFCTRC teach young parents the basics of taking care of themselves and their child. The program also offers a parent support network for young moms and dads. Come connect with other young parents, exchange stories, ideas, advice and get information on local resources.

Non-Violence Training

DFTRC teaches youth how to recognize whether their personal relationships are healthy or unhealthy. Youth learn about the dynamics of abusive relationships, and how to seek help if they are involved in a relationship that might lead to domestic violence. Additional instructional materials and professional help are available when needed.