The Delaware Foster Care Transitional Resource Center (DFCTRC) recognizes the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment, which pinpoints areas of mastery and needs on an individual basis. Based upon assessment results, the DFCTRC will work closely with the youth and referring agencies to develop an in-depth “Individualized” Independent Living Plan (ILP) that builds skills of independent living, along with educational and vocational skills.

As part of their Independent Living Plan, the DFCTRC will create a Binder for each youth. The binder will contain personal records and other information important for youth transitioning from foster care. Documents in the binder will include school report cards, medical and dental records, names and addresses of health and social service care providers, lists of community resources, list of the client’s support network members, and other vital records such as a birth certificate and a copy of his or her social security card.

This tool provides a roadmap for youth to become more involved in their foster care plan and as they become more informed about opportunities, in their pursuit to become independent, successful young adults.